Manufacturing Process and R&D

The advantage of choosing Mont-Bec products is defined by the innovative process we employ in the manufacturing of our products, guaranteeing freshness and quality along with this advantage, you will enjoy…

  • the refreshing taste of our products;
  • the shelf life and stability of our products at all temperatures;
  • the consistency in taste, shape and texture;
  • our ability to stamp or emboss each pastille lending a unique appearance;
  • and a wide array of packaging and format options.



Do you want to develop a product in the form of a tablet or a pastille?

At Mont-Bec, we have the equipment and the expertise to help you with your project. Employing the utmost in confidentiality regarding your project, we will work together to assist you in your product development efforts.

Additionally, we hold the necessary licensing to manufacture natural products, and as such we are able to offer this service to companies wishing to develop such natural products (in tablet or pastille form), for those companies who are unable to do it « in house ». Do you want to develop your market horizons? We can help!

Site Licence – Natural Health Products

This Licence has been issued by the Minister of Health under the Authority of section 29 of the Natural Health Products Regulations. Our production process meets the requirements of the good manufacturing practice (GMP) mentioned in the Natural Health products regulations.

Our business philosophy

The vision and mission of our founder is in place, and customer service remains our first priority. We are a company small enough to “turn on a dime”, and large enough to get the job done, with your vision in mind. Whether you come to us as a small business, or large, we will assist you in getting the job done. At Mont-Bec, personalized service, courtesy, expedience, and manufacturing versatility are what our business and our reputation are built on.

At Mont-Bec, you are our first priority!